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Sound healing studio


  • integral sound healing (individual and group sessions)

  • meditative, relaxation, world music

  • ancient and modern instruments: Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, gongs, flat bells, monochord KoTaMo, didgeridoo, frame drums, vargans (jaw's harps), flutes, body tuning forks, planetary chimes, wind bells, metal tonque drums, voice, imitators of sounds of nature ...

  • practices of meditation, japa, Nada Nidra and Homa therapy

  • sound intensities and ceremonies, concerts

  • workshops on playing the jaw's harp and singing bowls

  • help in buying musical instruments

Dear friends!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are Yana and Evgeniy from Murmansk, Russia. We are musicians of Duo "Authentica", practitioners of sound healing, founders of studio "Ecozvuk" (it means "Ecological Sound") and fanclub "Northern khomus".

"Authentica" - it is an unlimited world of intuitive music consisting of initial sounds, rhythms and vibrations, music that born in soul and heart. "Authentica" sounds of the authenticity of our feelings, thoughts and fantasies.

We play live music for opening mysteries of the Universe, time-forgotten legends of ancestors, new internal states for listeners.

We regularly hold different events in Murmansk region: sound healing and relaxation sessions, concerts, practics of meditation, workshops in our studio, Yoga and Wellness centers, tourist places.

We studied at the Sound Healing Academy (GB) and now we are official representatives and tutors in Russia.

Thank you for your interest in our creativity! We will be glad of your support and cooperation!

With love in sound!
Yana and Evgeniy

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Str.Starostina 65

Murmansk, Russia

P/O 183036


Tel. +7-911-335-57-69 (vb, wa, tg)

Tel. +7-964-309-07-39

e-mail: duo.authentica [@]

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